The NATO Summit in Chicago is being held this weekend so I figured I would write about the terror plot that was planned for the event. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, will feature numerous nation representatives and even our President Barack Obama. Three men have been arrested for conspiracy,  possession of explosives (Molotov cocktails), and other terror plot penalties.                  However, Sarah Gelsomino, defense attorney, believes these charges are part of a police sting operation stating the charges given as "very sensationalized." Gelsomino also thinks that the charges as being used in an attempt to demonize the victims in the public eye. The three men, Brian Church, Jared Chase and Brent Betterly will plead guilty at the May 26th trial. Bail has been set at 1.5 Million. The problem I see with this story is that the many people do not know where to draw the line between peaceful protesting and domestic terrorism. Awaiting to hear more from the May 26th trial, these 20-something year old men will most definitely face a hard battle. 

     Yesterday afternoon the Occupy Wall Street movement held it's May Day protest worldwide. The protest was anything short of powerless as protesters across Europe in France, Italy, Greece, and Spain marched in protest of enforced austerity. While in Asia workers protested for increased pay hikes and job security. Thousands gathered globally to spread the word of the 99% and to fight for civilian rights. Many skipped school and work to protest yesterday as well as not banking or shopping to show the world what a day without the 99% is truly like. 
     Hundreds rallied at Westlake Park in Seattle's city center to fight for workers labor and immigrant rights. Much of Seattle was shutdown during the day (EXCELLENT!!!) with shop keepers boarding up their storefront windows. The duration of the protest featured about eight arrests from people in masks who smashed store windows and instigated destruction of the city. American Apparel, Starbucks, Niketown, and half a dozen banks were a few of the attacked businesses. Mayor Mike McGinn issued an emergency order that allowed police to seize any implements that might be used to cause additional destruction. A gallery was set up downtown to photograph the collected evidence which included;  clusters of cigarette lighters and spray paint cans. Also, there were no reports of major injuries. "We mobilized a massive amount of people under the idea that things needed to change, and one of the key things was the idea of decolonization," said Daniel Bass, a protesters at Westlake Park Tuesday night.
    In New York City thousands marched down Broadway at about 5:30pm after a day long protest at Union Square. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who protested budget cuts, was one of the many groups rallying in NYC on Tuesday. Others protested home foreclosures and worker inequality. Reports say that about 30 arrests took place and that the event was essentially peaceful.  The scariest part of the night for many protesters was seeing police officials on horseback with helmets, dogs, and riot gear waiting for an any act of civil disobedience. The streets were aligned with barricades, police busses, and motor scooters. At the corner of Broadway and Wall Street police waited to begin making arrests while protesters ended their night at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial amphitheater to listen to speeches about economic disparity.
    Chicago and Los Angeles were also cities hosting May Day protests. In Chicago 2,000 people rallied for greater worker protection and immigration reform. In Los Angeles a fight broke out during an immigration rally that left an officer injured. The May Day protest was smaller than typical but the voice of thousands was heard yesterday worldwide. We are the 99%.