Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated recently that he will be working toward decreasing the ever rising gang violence within the IL community. Reports of a 60% increase in Homicides have sparked a heated debate about what should be done. Mayor Emanuel would like to see a number of liquor stores close and tougher gun license policies come into place. Topping the list of gang related violence is that of African American males within the Garfield, Little Village, and Englewood communities. The gang on gang violence between African American males is corrupting the sense of security that Mayor Emanuel and his legislation are working towards, this being so, Rahm is putting thought into deploying more police to the streets of Chicago.
     If you think that this does not concern you, then think again! Gang violence is escalated by the police believe it or not, if Mayor Emanuel plans on sending more police forces to the streets this may actually increase gang violence in retaliation, as well as irritating the surround citizens. Another point to be made is that if police forces are placed on the streets then they will be removed from other factions of the criminal systems. What I mean here is that if Mayor Emanuel places 150 police officers to resolve gang violence he will be removing 150 officers from other positions such as highway safety, domestic disturbances, drug related offenses, and more. Unless Mayor Emanuel hires all these new officers that he plans to send to end the ever growing gang violence problem then he will only be limiting the other positions of the criminal system. 
     I plan on attending my graduate schooling in the Chicago area and after reading this article I felt very worried. A 60% rise of homicides is nothing short of scary, please visit the Contact page of my blog and let me know your opinion or comment below

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