Earlier in April the US department of Education constructed an action plan for post-secondary schools that will begin to change the way that community colleges measure their institution and student success rates. Until recently, institutions have been assessing their schools full-time, 4 year enrolled student graduation rates. However, this assessment does not account for all of the students enrolled at community colleges, students enrolled part-time and transfer students are a large minority that is not accounted for. 
     The Plan considered by the US department of Education is to require community colleges to provide and measure student success of not only the full-time, 4 year graduating students; but also the part-time and transfer students. The idea behind this will provide society with a better understanding of post-secondary educational success from all minority groups unaccounted for prior the new assessments. 
     This is a topic I will soon be able to relate to very easily. The summer of 2012 I will be taking summer courses at a local community college in order to graduate on time at my University. Many students choose to do this because the classes are cheap and their credits transfer. After learning that many students are not counted in the assessment of graduates of a post-secondary school I was slightly concerned. I almost feel like if I'm paying to go to your school, then I should be counted in the demographic; which many students are not according to the article. 
    Hopefully, once post-secondary schools change their procedures for accurately accounting for their demographic the inequality will vanish. 

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