SWAT team in riot gear firing tear gas into the crowd of students
     On Saturday, April 21st Kent State students held their annual block party on college street that brought in over 3,000 people. The end of the year party required multiple police departments, a SWAT team, and medical professionals to finally shutdown the rager around 7pm on Saturday night. Reports of the police depart announcing "the party is over" on a loudspeaker triggered some of the drunken students to throw beer bottles and ever a basketball into the task forces. The police retaliated by introducing the students to tear gas and jail cells, the police arrested 33 people that night. Each Kent State University student found guilty at the Portage County could could be placed on probation or dismissed from the school. This raises an important question, was it worth it? I think not. 
     Something else to consider, we live in a social media and web based society. Multiple videos have surfaced of students throwing beer bottles at the authority which contains the students faces. It would be a logical guess that the police will be analyzing these tapes and pressing charges accordingly. I was browsing on the Kent State University website recently and I found a news update that stated police are looking to press charges against those in the video who are throwing bottles at the authorities. They are asking students to report any names that can be found in the video so that the matter can be taken to the Portage County court.
 I'm sure the families and senior citizens within the community were not happy with the trashed neighborhood and rowdy drunks; families were scared to let their children out of their homes Saturday afternoon because of the yearly event. 
     Many of the students feel they have been ripped off on what was supposed to be a great night full of beer, sex, and violence. The students are now planning a SECOND Collegefest block party this Saturday the 28th. Look for an update early next week for a followup. 


WARNING: This video contains strong language 

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